Schwinn Treadmill Review

41Uz6mH0kWL._SL500_AA280_Schwinn is not a newbie when it comes to producing best treadmills as well as modern fitness machines, they have been in the industry since 1986 and owned by the more popular brand Nautilus. Nautilus is also the main company responsible for Stairmaster, Bowflex and Trimline, they are the second largest producer of exercise equipments all across North America. To this end, expect best treadmills on the market talking about the brand Schwinn.

Schwinn became a big hit on the US after they have been rated as “best buy” by most consumer magazines. According to these review giving bodies, Schwinn treadmills are the best cheap treadmills you can get without burning holes in your pocket. Cheap treadmills whilst maintaining quality is the main objective of Schwinn. Read further on this article and discover an unbiasedtreadmill review regarding Schwinn.

  1. Quiet operation – one of the best features Schwinn ever incorporated on most of their machines is the ability to run on a very quite state. Even on most high end best treadmills, this feature comes second rate only as you can still hear a roaring sound when in use which Schwinn managed to remove by offering a quieter treadmill.
  2. Strong motor powers – if you are looking for cheap treadmills with strong motor capacity or power, Schwinn is the brand of choice as they offer 2.5 to 3.0 HP under a very low price tag. Schwinn treadmill is also perfect for heavy users and those that demands power on their machine.
  3. Stable feeling – high quality construction and stable feeling is also available on most Schwinn treadmills may it be a folding treadmillor a full sized one. The floor is very stable and you will never experience any wobbling effect or so.

If you want a best treadmill that would not burn holes in your pocket, consider buying Schwinn treadmills. However, one major drawback is their lack of high end modernized features such as connectivity and fitness technology.



Best Schwinn Treadmill Review – Schwinn 840


Owned and operated by one of the best in companies in the fitness equipment industry, Nautilus Inc., the Schwinn 840 is one of top 2 treadmills produced by Schwinn. This treadmill is known for being one of the safest treadmills designed for home use. The Schwinn 840 is one of the best treadmills on the market that can be bought for little as $1000 and this price is what makes it so attractive to novice runners. The Schwinn 840 is a great treadmill and offers runners a comfortable work out .


  • Display SettingsWith a large LCD screen, runners can keep track of their work out according to calories burned, distance ran, incline, pulse and so much more. The display settings can be easily changed as the Schwinn 840 is very user friendly.
  • ProgramsThis Schwinn 840 keeps up with other treadmills of similar size and price in the number of programs offered. This treadmill has sixteen workout programs, six different courses and two programs that track your heart rate. You are able to enter your personal information such as weight, height, and age allowing you to create the perfect work out.
  • PowerSpeeds of up to ten miles per hour can be reached on the Schwinn 840. It comes with a 2.5 horsepower motor which makes it great for a first time treadmill purchase and those new to running. It has a Softak suspension deck with reduces the amount of impact while using the machine offering a comfortable run.